About Us…

Welcome to our little slice the World Wide Web. 2nd-Half Hipsters are Kyrie and Troy (aka T-Roy). We are keenly interested in adventurous pursuits of the arts, fashion (both vintage and modern) and all things that make life more zestful and joyous for those of us in the second half of life.

This site is dedicated to providing a look into what makes us tick, and to see if we can kick up some dust and keep viewers interested along the way. Within the confines of this space, you’re as likely to find interviews with interesting people making a difference in their second half, as you are musings about our latest thrift store treasures, vintage flea markets finds, roots music ramblings and culinary “Eurekas!

Expect to see lots of fashion photography, as Kyrie is the resident fashionista with a flare for keeping on the edge and on trend, with an eye toward thrift and practicality. She is a salon manager and veteran stylist of over 30 years, so she’s seen fashion trends come and go—and she knows a classic when she sees it.  All of the fashion we feature will be accessible, creative and hip without looking ridiculous.

Some of the content here may be cross-posted from the other venture we’re engaged in known as TK Vintage & Moderne, where we buy and sell vintage clothing and vinyl.

We also love and appreciate music. While Troy played in bands until recently, these days he doesn’t play much but loves to go to gigs with his love and cheer on his friends. Music plays in our house constantly, whether it’s  Alexa playing it or it’s from our early 1960s Korting Delmonico stereo console with intact Telefunken turntable.   While allegiances may lay to the music of yore, we can love us some 24k Magic from time to time as well!

Residing in sunny Southern California, we take pride in our mid-century modern home with a Palm Springs motif. We have fun hunting for and curating just the right pieces for our place. We will, no doubt, share new and exciting finds here and on the 2ndHalfHipsters Instagram feed first! We cherish being near both the desert and the beach and get to each as often as possible.

We believe that we never have to give up on fun, fashion and the arts. And while we all have to work for a living, we believe we can do it with a joie de vivre and gusto that only our life experiences can engender.  We hope you find pleasure and some new ideas while visiting us here.

Follow along with us as we find fun people, places and things we think you’ll find interesting too! Check back often as we plan to post lots of content from our many adventures in this, our second half of life!

With a spirit of adventure,

Troy & Kyrie