Yeah… We Know We Don’t Get Real Coat Weather, But What the Hell.

Here in Southern California we don’t get the chance to sport fabulous, cold-weather coats often, but when the temperature dips below 70°, we run to our closet to adorn ourselves like our East Coast and Midwest friends. We just don’t get a lot of practice! So, on those bitter 58° mornings, here’s some quick selections to help you get from your front door to your car or from your car to the office… and look great doing it!

My pick for “Best Overall Coat This Season

Zara faux fur collared knee-length coatFaux $199… The perfect coat that’ll never go outta style… worth every penny! Vintage looks but so on-trend!

Super trendy waist-length coat

Fun for a flirty night out! From Zara—Priced @ $129

Menswear-inspired double-breasted coat – $249
Everyone needs at least one animal print coat!

This beauty is on sale now at Zara for a mere $49.99! Get one!


Plus-Sized Value Faux Fur Jacket

Leopard looks great on all shapes and sizes… and always in style!! Modeled by our good friend, Kim. Available now at Target. $49.99 Click pic below


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